Alan Perkins

Image of the speaker Alan Perkins
Alan Perkins

Managing Director, SilverDisc Limited

Following a B.Eng. degree in Electronics, focusing on embedded systems programming and artificial intelligence, Alan developed real time network, banking and missile defence systems before spending three years at Philips developing consumer and professional interactive multimedia.

Alan left Philips to set up SilverDisc in 1993, initially working on an early version of Barclays Internet Banking. In 1994 SilverDisc leased its first webserver and commenced developing websites for clients. 

In the late 1990s Alan filed and was ultimately granted worldwide patents in search technology. Through filing these patents, Alan met two representatives of Google – Craig Silverstein (Google employee #1) and Matt Cutts (Google’s Global Head of Webspam) – and helped put together the first Google Webmaster Guidelines. As a result, SilverDisc’s reputation for high ethical standards based on deep technical understanding was firmly established.

Coming from a technical background, working with and for companies of all sizes, and being online and building websites for well over 20 years, Alan has a broad understanding of cyber security issues and the challenges faced by all organisations.